What have I been denying?  The power of but how does 4800 hits on one property in 52 days sound?  It sounds to me like denial time is over and it is officially time to embrace this web giant.

I do not know this for sure but I believe that is the oldest real estate web site and I know that the traffic numbers are impressive.  I have long contended that it is the first stop for most shoppers of real estate.  With a name like, it is kind of hard to forget.

I maintain that is an excellent resource for Connecticut real estate shoppers…though I have trolled around it and find it a bit difficult to navigate on occasion.  I do not like the Sherpa thing.  And now links all of our listings to (get this, it is impressive):  Yahoo, AOL Real Estate,, Google Base, cyberhomes, Trulia,, Homescape, vast, hotpads, oodle and  All Connecticut listings should be there unless an agent or seller chooses not to–I do not know why they would, but it does happen.

I have conducted personal research on most of them and as of now my favorites are: (though the color schematic annoys me a little), (no denying it is easy to navigate, lots of flashing tends to get on my nerves) and Trulia (I enjoy the discussion boards, listing information I find a bit sparse..but it does link back to for virtual tours, etc).

My post point?  I have bit the bullet and paid the freight to enhance my relationship with (and even linked it on the right of this here blog).  My fabulous listings now have showcase status with multiple pics, videos, etc. etc.  92 hits a day can’t be wrong!

I would truly enjoy hearing your favorite haunts via the web for real estate information…got a favorite site I neglected?  Please share.  Think I am way out of line on my top 3?  Tell me where I have gone astray.