At Peak!
At Peak!

Look outside, it is breathtaking!

While being a peeper in New Hampshire this weekend,  I saw outside a clever real estate office in the heart of Meredith, New Hampshire a fall decoration that featured Dorothy, the Scarecrow and Tin Man with a sign posted in front that read, “There is no place like home!” (my pic did not do it justice, sorry, it was really something!)
Indeed!  And, nice job at being festive while still getting your point across during this high peeper weekend!  For all the ugliness out there with politics and economics, I met many postive realtors (we hit several open houses and chatted them up) this weekend and enjoyed the absolute gorgeousness of New England Fall.
It was challenging at times to disregard the political signage messing with the colorful landscape (yikes, if signs are any indication, politics runs amuck in NH), but we did and feel down right optimistic about the immediate future!

It all started with walking some land and a tree that is being given its due..

A tree named Madelyn

This particular tree has apparently earned some respect and as noted on a subdivision plan, it and its roots are protected.  This tree I had to see…somewhere I read it was one of the oldest in the fine state of Connecticut.  It stands proudly in Lisbon. 

The picture does not do it justice!  It is amazingly sturdy oak of some 60 inches with a critical root area of 50 feet in diameter and a tree protection zone of 100 feet in diameter.  Its limbs are huge and have an impressive reach…it has been around many a year!  I have never seen anything like it whatsoever noted on a plot plan or up close and personal…I dig this tree!

So much so that I have named it Madelyn.  I have no right to name this tree, but I do nonetheless and I hope it sticks.  I figure if planning and zoning, surveyors and developers, etc step back and give this tree some props–I am going to give it a name.

I suppose a tree that has weathered the years and only grown bigger and stronger deserves a little respect; it has mine.  I will not give its location away on account that even I was tempted to climb it, my children would have been up it in a skinny minute.

Oh yeah, the rest of the 4.6 acres were pretty darn nice too with New England rock walls, fairly level and one heck of a long future driveway…

I love walkin’ land you never know what you might discover.  You may get water logged or find a magnificent tree henceforth named Madelyn!