At Peak!
At Peak!

Look outside, it is breathtaking!

While being a peeper in New Hampshire this weekend,  I saw outside a clever real estate office in the heart of Meredith, New Hampshire a fall decoration that featured Dorothy, the Scarecrow and Tin Man with a sign posted in front that read, “There is no place like home!” (my pic did not do it justice, sorry, it was really something!)
Indeed!  And, nice job at being festive while still getting your point across during this high peeper weekend!  For all the ugliness out there with politics and economics, I met many postive realtors (we hit several open houses and chatted them up) this weekend and enjoyed the absolute gorgeousness of New England Fall.
It was challenging at times to disregard the political signage messing with the colorful landscape (yikes, if signs are any indication, politics runs amuck in NH), but we did and feel down right optimistic about the immediate future!