My eight year old is playing in his first super bowl and I (we) are so proud!  Largely because he has made it through the learning curve, muddled his way through his first year largely playing special teams (kick off team) and occasional safety on defense.  He literally skips onto the field every time he gets put in…(so not football but really darn cute).  This is the same kid who explained bed sizes in this fashion; “if the big one is a King, medium is Queen, then this one must be a Jack, right mom?”  Who can argue with that…he’s right!

I am certain my boys glory years on the field are yet to come, but he has learned a lot and never got discouraged.  He missed only one practice and tried really hard.  I share this on my real estate blog to A) Brag about my terrific, hearty child and B) To suggest they can’t all be glory years, sometimes we just gotta learn.

The trick is applying what we have learned…So what has the current real estate climate taught us

1.  Neither the Highs or the Lows are all that good, sometimes being in the middle is just fine.

2.  The bigger they are…you know the rest.  Those McMansions have been hit hardest in this market, and many of the once mighty have fallen, got a little big for their britches.

3.  There are always going to be folks on the move, houses do indeed sell everyday.

4.  Real Estate is a long term investment!  It was never meant to have a short turn around time with fast cash.

5.  If it sounds too good to be true…read the fine print!  Be absolutely certain to understand your mortgage terms and conditions, rates, prepayments, etc.  If I had a dime for everyone who has said to me, “I didn’t know it said that” in the last 2 years….yikes!

6.  Whereas I am a firm believer in the investment value of real estate, it is a home first and foremost and that is absolutely priceless!

7.  The American Dream endures, even through less than ideal times.

So be fierce!  This is but a blip on the radar, it’ll pass!  Now go out and win the game :-)!