Here we grow...

Home Sweet Home!

Welcome to my town of choice for the last 9 years!  The order of the day in this bedroom community–development and commercial, at that.  The town has grown in the last few years with a new strip mall underway as I type (pic above).  Soon I may never have to drive further than 3.5 miles for anything.

My favorite part of Lisbon, the reasonable mil rate.  Comparatively my property taxes remain reasonable (though the annual budget vote happens soon, last year it took 4 referendum votes to pass the budget).  We have a new school superintendent who seems intent on keeping the public informed of what the budget increases are for…this year it seems mostly about technology in the school.  Public forums and open letters to the community (sent via email no less, right up my alley) seems the mission.  We shall see how it all pans out come June!

Residential Real Estate In Town is as follows:

26 Active Listings                                                    Range of value:  $41,900 to $1,300,000

11 Pending Listings                                                 Range of value:  $104,000 to $365,900

10 Closed Sales in last 3 months                             Range of value:  $39,000 to $454,050

Average sale price is $231,261 for last 3 months




I am new to Windham County, well kind of!

My real estate career started in Gales Ferry, crossed a bridge to Uncasville moved North a few exits to Norwich, a few more exits North to Lisbon..and then 23 miles up to Dayville.  I guess I was secretly expecting a stop in Plainfield which would have been a continuation of my ten mile trek north, but I guess I was ready for a big move so the Quiet Corner is where I landed…deep in the heart of Windham County.


Yes, I am.  I was always vaguely familiar…dabbled in Canterbury and Plainfield, serviced a listing in Brooklyn…always managed to get lost.  (really appreciating my navigation system these days!)  Lots of wide open spaces in this Northeast Corner of Connecticut!  Gorgeous land and the folks out here LOVE their land, it is very “Gone With The Wind” esque.

Been in the Dayville Prudential Connecticut office for nearly a year now and enjoy the 10 town area.  My single complaint, no quick jaunts to shopping.  No sneaking out at lunch time for the mental health necessary shoes!


No worries though, in a few short months within walking distance of our office there will be SHOPPING!  I hear tale of a Famous Footwear (buy one, get one half off; a shoe gals dream store), Target, Staples, Panera Bread (yum!), Lowes…a full blown shopping mecca is on its way!


Are you ready Windham County?  Many stop lights have been added, roads widened and steel frames are visible, the franchise shopping experience is on its way.  Now, I am thrilled as Wal-Mart is exactly 7 minutes from my home, but I am wondering if you who hail from this area are equally excited?


WHY is this area called the Quiet Corner and who dubbed it as such?