Canterbury and I have become so close of late that my navigation system may be in danger of losing its job in this town!  It is incredibly odd how dependent I have become on this front seat driver–what would I do if she no longer nagged me to turn left in .2 miles on Lisbon Road?  Imagine if someone tried to pull that from the back seat?  But I digress…

Canterbury is of where I type!  Home of 38 active listings and 1 new one.  I have been stalking this town relentlessly for a couple of interested parties and while I have always been a fan of this Windham County town,  checking out the nooks and crannies has led me to fall in deep like.  I think I have a crush on what the town website dubs “a gem in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner”, Canterbury.

I have learned that Canterbury was previously part of Plainfield and was incorporated in 1703.  And another juicy tid bit, it is the birthplace of Moses Cleveland, founder of the City of Cleveland, Ohio.  It is the home of the Prudence Crandall museum which I must make a point to go visit. 

What I have seen is some gorgeous land with lots babbling brooks and streams.  The town covers some 40 square miles and its principal industries are dairy farms and small businesses.  It is true New England lovely; Canterbury does the small town thing quite well!

You can check out the official town web site at (some gorgeous pics are on this site)

And the real estate is:

Total Active Listings:  39                           Range of value:  $65,000 to $574,900

Total Pending Listings:  4                          Range of value:  $63,900 to $300,000

Closed in last 60 days:  5                          Range of value:  $74,900 to $565,000

Average days on market:  67.8

Average sales price:  $249,360