Music to everyone’s ears!

Summer is winding down and here are some town by town facts as to current under deposit numbers:

Canterbury – Total active listings 42

10 under deposit, show for backup or hubbard listings

Price at time of deposit = $145,000 to 575,000

Average price of pendings = $264,900

Average DOM prior to deposit = 113

Lisbon – Total active listings 35

4 Pending listings

Price at time of deposit = $199,900 – 595,000

Average price of pendings = $300,950

Average DOM at time of deposit = 94.25

Griswold – Total active listings 98

18 Pending listings

Price at time of deposit = $135,000 to 385,000

Average price of pendings:  $234,766

Average DOM at time of deposit: 101.72

Voluntown – Total Active listings 23

2 pending listings

Price at time of deposit = $219,000 to $259,900

Average price of deposits:  $239,450

Average DOM at time of deposit:  259.50

These are the facts!  Interesting is the ratios:  Canterbury is doing the best at 23% of its total inventory under deposit, Griswold is 2nd at 18% , Lisbon 3rd with 11% and Voluntown comes in 4th at 8%.  Sometimes numbers do lie, take for example Lisbon with an average price of $300 on pendings..of the 4 pendings 2 are at 199,900, 1 at 209,900 and 1 at 595,000 which dramatically brings up the average price.

Average price for all 4 towns, $260,016.50.

Disclaimer:  Pendings do not reflect final sales price, this information is not available until after closing of the property.  But what we do know, the properties that are drawing the buyers is the $260,000 and under market.


And so it begins!  ‘Tis the season of education and municipal budget votes; it is enough to make the average home owner feel a bit faint.

Standing in the Lisbon Town Hall today, I witnessed democracy in action.  Lisbon goes to referendum vote Wednesday, May 21 (with a potential 2 to 1.5 mil increase depending on who you ask) and I got to witness an opinionated citizen in action.  This senior citizen was feeling a bit put upon with the likely increase to her taxes and uttered the words, “If taxes go up again, I won’t even be able to sell my house…”  Then she saw my name badge (as I was there on official REALTOR business) which resulted in a quick scuttle to the town clerks office.

Aside from being too funny, fear of hearing “Allow me to help you out with that” outweighed her need to comment further about pending tax increases, it was a smidge disappointing–I would have heard her out!  It is the quagmire all towns must deliberate– keeping taxes down and yet educate children and provide necessary services for citizens.

Now I dig that my snow gets plowed at the first flake and my kids get an education; I am willing to pay, just not too much…go figure.  I vote at every opportunity and will be there Wednesday at the town hall to cast my ballot.

Hope you rock your towns vote and have a say in your property taxes.  Even if you lose, your vote gives you the right to complain.  Not to mention, the referendum alone costs tax dollars so make it money well spent and VOTE!


It all started with walking some land and a tree that is being given its due..

A tree named Madelyn

This particular tree has apparently earned some respect and as noted on a subdivision plan, it and its roots are protected.  This tree I had to see…somewhere I read it was one of the oldest in the fine state of Connecticut.  It stands proudly in Lisbon. 

The picture does not do it justice!  It is amazingly sturdy oak of some 60 inches with a critical root area of 50 feet in diameter and a tree protection zone of 100 feet in diameter.  Its limbs are huge and have an impressive reach…it has been around many a year!  I have never seen anything like it whatsoever noted on a plot plan or up close and personal…I dig this tree!

So much so that I have named it Madelyn.  I have no right to name this tree, but I do nonetheless and I hope it sticks.  I figure if planning and zoning, surveyors and developers, etc step back and give this tree some props–I am going to give it a name.

I suppose a tree that has weathered the years and only grown bigger and stronger deserves a little respect; it has mine.  I will not give its location away on account that even I was tempted to climb it, my children would have been up it in a skinny minute.

Oh yeah, the rest of the 4.6 acres were pretty darn nice too with New England rock walls, fairly level and one heck of a long future driveway…

I love walkin’ land you never know what you might discover.  You may get water logged or find a magnificent tree henceforth named Madelyn!



Here we grow...

Home Sweet Home!

Welcome to my town of choice for the last 9 years!  The order of the day in this bedroom community–development and commercial, at that.  The town has grown in the last few years with a new strip mall underway as I type (pic above).  Soon I may never have to drive further than 3.5 miles for anything.

My favorite part of Lisbon, the reasonable mil rate.  Comparatively my property taxes remain reasonable (though the annual budget vote happens soon, last year it took 4 referendum votes to pass the budget).  We have a new school superintendent who seems intent on keeping the public informed of what the budget increases are for…this year it seems mostly about technology in the school.  Public forums and open letters to the community (sent via email no less, right up my alley) seems the mission.  We shall see how it all pans out come June!

Residential Real Estate In Town is as follows:

26 Active Listings                                                    Range of value:  $41,900 to $1,300,000

11 Pending Listings                                                 Range of value:  $104,000 to $365,900

10 Closed Sales in last 3 months                             Range of value:  $39,000 to $454,050

Average sale price is $231,261 for last 3 months