Music to everyone’s ears!

Summer is winding down and here are some town by town facts as to current under deposit numbers:

Canterbury – Total active listings 42

10 under deposit, show for backup or hubbard listings

Price at time of deposit = $145,000 to 575,000

Average price of pendings = $264,900

Average DOM prior to deposit = 113

Lisbon – Total active listings 35

4 Pending listings

Price at time of deposit = $199,900 – 595,000

Average price of pendings = $300,950

Average DOM at time of deposit = 94.25

Griswold – Total active listings 98

18 Pending listings

Price at time of deposit = $135,000 to 385,000

Average price of pendings:  $234,766

Average DOM at time of deposit: 101.72

Voluntown – Total Active listings 23

2 pending listings

Price at time of deposit = $219,000 to $259,900

Average price of deposits:  $239,450

Average DOM at time of deposit:  259.50

These are the facts!  Interesting is the ratios:  Canterbury is doing the best at 23% of its total inventory under deposit, Griswold is 2nd at 18% , Lisbon 3rd with 11% and Voluntown comes in 4th at 8%.  Sometimes numbers do lie, take for example Lisbon with an average price of $300 on pendings..of the 4 pendings 2 are at 199,900, 1 at 209,900 and 1 at 595,000 which dramatically brings up the average price.

Average price for all 4 towns, $260,016.50.

Disclaimer:  Pendings do not reflect final sales price, this information is not available until after closing of the property.  But what we do know, the properties that are drawing the buyers is the $260,000 and under market.


Yep, been getting back in touch with Griswold.  I have a charming listing and recently put the miracle house under deposit in this fine town (miracle post shall follow at a later date…it’s a good story).

I have been doing a great deal of cost per square foot analysis and strenuous scrutiny of the inventory.  There are 85 houses currently on the market (and I have physically seen some 1/3 of them); I know there to be some excellent values and opportunities.  Also interesting, Griswold has had 24 closings in the last two months which is very good.

Here is how the town’s real estate is holding up:

Currently 85 Active listings              Range of value:  $49,900 to $550,000

Currently 13 pending listings           Range of value:  $139,900 to $468,000

24 Closed in last 60 days                 Range of value:  $29,000 to $403,000

Average days on Market is 57.29 (a good number!)

Average sales price is $214,297.91



What’s not to love about this sprawling town?  It’s a little bit country and a bit of a hub on the Jewett City end.

Apparently way back in 1895 that little hub of Jewett City, previously known as Pachaug City, decided it wanted to run its own show so it got separately chartered by the State of Connecticut.  Today, for their efforts, there is 1 mil paid in extra taxes for living within the one mile square area of Jewett City!  You can read all about that fun story in addition to other interesting stuff about Griswold at .

I love the town and the real estate is exciting as well, here is a 3 month review of residential activity in Griswold (which includes Jewett City :-):

Currently Active listings:  80                      Range of Value:  $29,000 – $550,000

Pending listings:  19                                   Range of Value:  $69,900 – $359,900

Closed in last 3 months:  22                       Range of Value:  $84,000 to $408,000

Average Sales Price in last 3 months:  $232,521.27