Music to everyone’s ears!

Summer is winding down and here are some town by town facts as to current under deposit numbers:

Canterbury – Total active listings 42

10 under deposit, show for backup or hubbard listings

Price at time of deposit = $145,000 to 575,000

Average price of pendings = $264,900

Average DOM prior to deposit = 113

Lisbon – Total active listings 35

4 Pending listings

Price at time of deposit = $199,900 – 595,000

Average price of pendings = $300,950

Average DOM at time of deposit = 94.25

Griswold – Total active listings 98

18 Pending listings

Price at time of deposit = $135,000 to 385,000

Average price of pendings:  $234,766

Average DOM at time of deposit: 101.72

Voluntown – Total Active listings 23

2 pending listings

Price at time of deposit = $219,000 to $259,900

Average price of deposits:  $239,450

Average DOM at time of deposit:  259.50

These are the facts!  Interesting is the ratios:  Canterbury is doing the best at 23% of its total inventory under deposit, Griswold is 2nd at 18% , Lisbon 3rd with 11% and Voluntown comes in 4th at 8%.  Sometimes numbers do lie, take for example Lisbon with an average price of $300 on pendings..of the 4 pendings 2 are at 199,900, 1 at 209,900 and 1 at 595,000 which dramatically brings up the average price.

Average price for all 4 towns, $260,016.50.

Disclaimer:  Pendings do not reflect final sales price, this information is not available until after closing of the property.  But what we do know, the properties that are drawing the buyers is the $260,000 and under market.


Not quite…

Unofficially, summer kicks off this weekend so perhaps it is time to put that call into Mother Nature…she didn’t get the memo.

Out showing some houses yesterday…a 1900’s charming cape and grand contemporary in Canterbury, (of course)…it dawned on me that we are summer lacking this Memorial Weekend.  It is likely the winter coats worn by the kids that tipped me off and the cape has what is obviously a spectacular pool, patio, 3 season porch area which remains winter closed.  When the weather cooperates, that shall be a huge selling feature for the house.

Real Estate showings are so much more fun during the warmer months.  Every house has improved curb appeal, yards get far more scrutiny (it is far more pleasant to do so) and the focus shifts from steep driveways and heating costs to usable land and deck space.  Decks are huge; even REALTOR Magazine recently noted it as one of the best home improvements a seller can make.

Since I hear noone is driving anywhere at $4.12 per gallon (and I drive a Prius..still mad), why not work that yard, be sure to open that pool, pull out the deck furniture and focus on the outdoor living…even if you must do so in your parka :-)!

Happy Memorial Day!  Welcome to summer real estate!


Canterbury and I have become so close of late that my navigation system may be in danger of losing its job in this town!  It is incredibly odd how dependent I have become on this front seat driver–what would I do if she no longer nagged me to turn left in .2 miles on Lisbon Road?  Imagine if someone tried to pull that from the back seat?  But I digress…

Canterbury is of where I type!  Home of 38 active listings and 1 new one.  I have been stalking this town relentlessly for a couple of interested parties and while I have always been a fan of this Windham County town,  checking out the nooks and crannies has led me to fall in deep like.  I think I have a crush on what the town website dubs “a gem in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner”, Canterbury.

I have learned that Canterbury was previously part of Plainfield and was incorporated in 1703.  And another juicy tid bit, it is the birthplace of Moses Cleveland, founder of the City of Cleveland, Ohio.  It is the home of the Prudence Crandall museum which I must make a point to go visit. 

What I have seen is some gorgeous land with lots babbling brooks and streams.  The town covers some 40 square miles and its principal industries are dairy farms and small businesses.  It is true New England lovely; Canterbury does the small town thing quite well!

You can check out the official town web site at (some gorgeous pics are on this site)

And the real estate is:

Total Active Listings:  39                           Range of value:  $65,000 to $574,900

Total Pending Listings:  4                          Range of value:  $63,900 to $300,000

Closed in last 60 days:  5                          Range of value:  $74,900 to $565,000

Average days on market:  67.8

Average sales price:  $249,360

cantebury brook

 Canterbury brook  Babbling Brook Canterbury style!

Situated in Windham County is this lovely little nook of a Connecticut town.

Recent claim to fame; contentious politics.  No rubber stamps in Canterbury.   Though controversy has seemed to die down in recent months (less press in the local papers anyway), I personally admire how active the citizens are in their town government…true American feistiness.  I have been trolling around this picturesque town with some dedicated and committed clients and getting reacquainted with its quiet elegance. 

What I discovered:

Canterbury is animal friendly…bring the horses only 2 acres required, 2 acre zoning in place

1 school Pre-K through 8…choice of high school

Folks in Canterbury love their town…it is Canterbury or nowhere!

Here is what has been going on in Canterbury for the last 3 months:  (residential only)

Active listings:  36                             Range of value:  $63,900 – $509,900

Pending Lisings:  3                            Range of value:  $145,000 – $499,000

Closed sales:  6                                   Range of value:  $54,900 – $1,250,000

Average Sales Price:  $307,200*    Average days on mkt:  148

* Average sales price is significantly higher based on $900,000 sale of duplex with 72 acres

I am new to Windham County, well kind of!

My real estate career started in Gales Ferry, crossed a bridge to Uncasville moved North a few exits to Norwich, a few more exits North to Lisbon..and then 23 miles up to Dayville.  I guess I was secretly expecting a stop in Plainfield which would have been a continuation of my ten mile trek north, but I guess I was ready for a big move so the Quiet Corner is where I landed…deep in the heart of Windham County.


Yes, I am.  I was always vaguely familiar…dabbled in Canterbury and Plainfield, serviced a listing in Brooklyn…always managed to get lost.  (really appreciating my navigation system these days!)  Lots of wide open spaces in this Northeast Corner of Connecticut!  Gorgeous land and the folks out here LOVE their land, it is very “Gone With The Wind” esque.

Been in the Dayville Prudential Connecticut office for nearly a year now and enjoy the 10 town area.  My single complaint, no quick jaunts to shopping.  No sneaking out at lunch time for the mental health necessary shoes!


No worries though, in a few short months within walking distance of our office there will be SHOPPING!  I hear tale of a Famous Footwear (buy one, get one half off; a shoe gals dream store), Target, Staples, Panera Bread (yum!), Lowes…a full blown shopping mecca is on its way!


Are you ready Windham County?  Many stop lights have been added, roads widened and steel frames are visible, the franchise shopping experience is on its way.  Now, I am thrilled as Wal-Mart is exactly 7 minutes from my home, but I am wondering if you who hail from this area are equally excited?


WHY is this area called the Quiet Corner and who dubbed it as such?