Killingly, Brooklyn, Plainfield and Pomfret 

I thought in might be interesting to supply a snapshot of the market in Windham County.  Since the area is so sprawling (10 towns and the entire Northeast corner of the state), I chose Killingly, Brooklyn, Plainfield and Pomfret as my sample towns.  By way of explanation, Killingly covers multiple towns including Dayville, Ballouville, Danielson so it is by Windham county standards a hub of activity.  Plainfield, Brooklyn and Pomfret are more your rural settings.  Using a broad approach I would say that Plainfield and Brooklyn have far more commercial activity than Pomfret.

All information used in this synopsis was obtained from the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service (so private activity is not recorded here).  All types of properties (residential, multi-family, land etc) were considered for this review of the week from February 1, 2008 through February 8, 2008:


16 new listings this week

257 total active properties in town

1 pending transaction this week

22 total pending transactions

0 closed sales this week


2 new listings this week

127 total active properties

1 pending (continue to show) transaction this week

18 total pending transactions

0 closed sales this week


5 new listings this week

172 total active properties

0 pending transactions this week

18 total pending transactions

0 closed sales this week 


3 new listings this week

40 total active properties

0 pending transactions this week

2 total pending transactions

0 closed sales this week

Clearly, there is a great deal of supply out there!  Personally, I viewed 7 houses this past week on caravan and via open houses in the Windham area and saw some terrific homeownership opportunities…great values.  I was fortunate to receive a thorough tour of Thompson via an area expert and the cooperation of area agents…simply a gorgeous country town just inches from the Massachusetts line.  The word that comes to mind, peaceful.

As I am on a mission of discovery, I would appreciate your thoughts, historical anecdotes and expert knowledge on Windham County…please share.


I am new to Windham County, well kind of!

My real estate career started in Gales Ferry, crossed a bridge to Uncasville moved North a few exits to Norwich, a few more exits North to Lisbon..and then 23 miles up to Dayville.  I guess I was secretly expecting a stop in Plainfield which would have been a continuation of my ten mile trek north, but I guess I was ready for a big move so the Quiet Corner is where I landed…deep in the heart of Windham County.


Yes, I am.  I was always vaguely familiar…dabbled in Canterbury and Plainfield, serviced a listing in Brooklyn…always managed to get lost.  (really appreciating my navigation system these days!)  Lots of wide open spaces in this Northeast Corner of Connecticut!  Gorgeous land and the folks out here LOVE their land, it is very “Gone With The Wind” esque.

Been in the Dayville Prudential Connecticut office for nearly a year now and enjoy the 10 town area.  My single complaint, no quick jaunts to shopping.  No sneaking out at lunch time for the mental health necessary shoes!


No worries though, in a few short months within walking distance of our office there will be SHOPPING!  I hear tale of a Famous Footwear (buy one, get one half off; a shoe gals dream store), Target, Staples, Panera Bread (yum!), Lowes…a full blown shopping mecca is on its way!


Are you ready Windham County?  Many stop lights have been added, roads widened and steel frames are visible, the franchise shopping experience is on its way.  Now, I am thrilled as Wal-Mart is exactly 7 minutes from my home, but I am wondering if you who hail from this area are equally excited?


WHY is this area called the Quiet Corner and who dubbed it as such?