Best purchase I ever made!  I am never out of touch either by email, text or that old standby verbal communication…who knew it would become a standby form of communication?  2 years ago a fellow REALTOR stopped our conversation briefly to fire off a quick text message looked me dead in the eye and said, “this is they way things are headed.”

Dead right, she was!  (and I bet she is faster on a thumb than I!)

But what pleases me most of that I can attend my children’s various sports practices and still do some searches and supply listings to my very busy clients.  MLXchange has a mobile multiple listing service so I can check out those “hot” new listings on the fly.  It took me a bit to adjust to this new to me animal and I still prefer my laptop version (I can get much more detail, history reports, better pending information, and it is much, much faster on the PC)–but for those at property questions and the ability to contact my fellow agents directly from the site…it is priceless!

And there is the fact that my Brilliant Blackberry kept me connected these last couple of days when my modem blew in the last thunderstorm.  This little bugger filled my modem needs and kept me up and running while AT&T took its sweet time delivering my new modem.

Ah, my little Blackberry, I can not believe I got a rebate on you!  A world of information in my hands, available for my clients even while my 3rd littlest on the football team son makes me cringe getting tackled.  Thank goodness I was composing an email at the time and not verbal communicating; no one heard my gasp.

FYI – Yep, it was surge protected!