From Castle in the Clouds

From Castle in the Clouds, not staycation…I went to my favorite spot in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Me and them there Ossippee Mountains, we just get along…and the big lake…spectacular.  I could go on and on about zen and me in the Lakes Region; but even while away, I just can’t shake real estate.

So, what is a girl to do?  This one checks out the market.  A proud stalker of the “region” am I.  I have been internet trolling the area for onwards of 2 years now…from what statistics say, this is pretty normal (thankfully, for once).  A potential buyer I am!  And aside from my internet access, I have now seen some 14 houses via open house and with my most patient New Hampshire licensed REALTOR, Sheila.

Ugh!  A realtor choosing a REALTOR is a tricky business (and honestly, I can not imagine we are a dream client for her either), but as I do not wish to have a fool for a client, I am sticking with Sheila.  I do not live daily in the region (like CT), I do not know all the inventory and towns, though I investigate diligently via automatic delivery of listings, I do not know cold the list to sale price ratio, average days on market and various other nuances of that market place.

That is why Sheila is my agent.  When I ask, she gets me the information I request.  She returns a call or email, follows up, lets me travel and investigate at my pace.  Sheila is patient and thorough–absolutely not pushy and frustrated.  So, my (our) search may be long, but I return her patience with loyalty.  I walked into 2 open houses this past week and announced that Sheila is my girl at handshake; I need Sheila to help me in this neck of the woods. 

I require the services of a professional REALTOR for an area I am not familiar with.  The sweet, cushy deal is the remotest of wishes.  Getting someone who will get me educated on the Lakes market is the right, cost effective scenario.

Sheila is my girl in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire…which I miss already!