A comet has been messing with my real estate mojo…not to mention leaving my clients a bit anxious.

Who would have thought that this particular comet would come around twice?  Who would have predicted a bidding war once (yes, in this market..trust me we know!)?  Who knew it was the right fit?  We all did, and apparently so did destiny.

I have dared not blog this story until all the ducks were in a row…call me superstitious, but jinxing a deal would not be my doing.  The story goes like this:

We happened on the Comet house after walking some land previously immortalized (in my mind anyway) in the Swishin’ My Magellan post some time ago.  It hit its mark immediately but this is a cautious market, no?  So we visited a week later, fine tuned some details then made an offer.  We can laugh now (no, still not laughing)…but suddenly came a significant price reduction and another offer on the table.  Things got far more complicated.  We bid, we lost.

Oh Yeah it stung.  It took a bit to recover then go forth and entertain other properties..and many were lovely houses, just not the same spark. The comet wiggled its way into conversation on occasion in the form of “if only”.

Five weeks later, the Comet came back around.  A list agents nightmare had indeed occurred..but I am these buyers agent and her unfortunate development is our good news!  A little worse for wear and slightly unbelieving of our good fortune…(could this be a cruel joke the universe was playing?) we stepped back up to bat, struck while the iron was hot, moved forth at lightning speed (get my point?).

Mr. and Mrs. Client are a tenacious pair and my hats off to them.  I told them when we lost round one…you never know.  But I in no way expected five weeks to turn into a Back on the Market Comet.

Moral of the Story:  Sometimes it is meant to be, and on occasion you may have to work for it.  Funny, this one was a little of both but absolutely fantastic clients made it a great ride.  And, as I stood on their new front porch today…I knew that they were about to (and did) close on the perfect house for them!