10.  Lighten the load, scale back, box and neatly hide away that what takes up space

9.  Have unique color shceme?  Please paint it.  Many are intimidated by the prospect of big paint jobs.

8.  Get outside sniff assistance!  Pets, smokers, woodstove users, etc. etc. they all leave behind residual odors which can offend and be remembered.  Bake some cookies, microwave vanilla.

7.  Clean!!!… to the point where it looks inconceivable that real humans have been living at your house!

6.  Yard always should have that freshly mowed look

5.  Garage…make is so a car can fit in there

4.  The root of all evil in a house basement (men and home inspectors dig them), tidy, cobweb free, dehumidifier running, open a window or two, working lightbulbs.

3.  No dripping faucets, no glaring repair issues, doors and windows should open without issue.

2.  Take the puppy (s) out for a walk during shows, if at all possible.  Most of them do not enjoy strangers.

1.  Always be ready for a showing!  Make yourself scarce and lets get your house sold!