Making a house a HOME!  I sell houses…it is the folks that live in them that make them a home.

My profession requires that we look at houses in the most clinical of terms with  professional detachment (hopefully we have a pleasant curbside manner:-).  In fact, proper advertising has real estate agents referring to real property as houses, not homes.    We deal in numbers and aesthetics;  cost per square foot, amenities, style, land and location, location, location!

But those we seek real estate for are not just looking for a house, they are looking for HOME!  I can even take that a step further and suggest that sellers of real estate try to place a lot of home value to the sale of a house.  As a homeowner, I appreciate all the emotional value that goes into a house.  Those four walls can be priceless.  (until they start to close in…then you need real value).

This blog is a huge shout out to the priceless nature of home!  I have been gently reminded how important home is by a little girl who just couldn’t wait to get back to hers…and a family that joyously welcomed her home.  And all the real estate shoppers out there; yeah I have to be clinical and knowledgable but those in pursuit of a home are allowed to get carried away by the emotions of the event.

So at the risk of being cliche’, there is indeed, NO PLACE LIKE HOME!  And, yes, in fact, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS!