January 2008

January is almost over, so let’s predict what the year will bring based on the previous 25 days!

Yep, I am being flip, indeed sarcastic, but sincerely, do you have a crystal ball?  If so, can I borrow it (I want to see some winning numbers)?

I have been in the real estate business for 23 years (eek! It pains me to write  it) and I have truly only seen 2 buyers markets and they both were very short lived so my first prediction for 2008 is: 

Buyers will buy at terrific rates and adjusted to market prices but will be competing against the savvy investor closer to year’s end.

Prediction # 2:

It is still expensive to build so builders will continue to hunker down and the spec building supply will be snapped up by the shrewd buyer.

Prediction # 3:

First time buyers will have the pick of the financing litter and CHFA, FHA and VA will once again be appreciated as pillars of the financing community.

Prediction #4:

The market will be downright perky in late summer and early fall (it is an election year!)

Honestly, I have no idea truly what will happen in 2008 these are just fun guesses on my part.  I do know that financing is available to qualified buyers at terrific rates.  I know that rarely is the market so tilted to buyers…so this is your time and it should be taken advantage of.

And sellers, heads up, shoulders back…next week is all about you and how to put your property in the limelight while inventory is heavy.

Posters help out the weary, share your sage advice on dealing with this type of market. 

And, I would be remiss not to tell you…always utilize the services of a professional realtor.   A professional realtor knows the market like no other and can guide you graciously through any market condition.


The “housing industry” is in decline?  What, we don’t need places to live anymore?

I don’t know about you but I am finding it a bit chilly out there right now…and just love to come home.  For so many reasons (not the least of which is nagging hubby to please fix that drawer and back door handle–it has been weeks!);  my kids love the yard and pool, bike friendly neighborhood and it’s just the most adorable “Father Knows Best” 1953 cape with a cute dog house dormer (santa keeps watch from there over the holidays).

I have been in love with my house for nearly ten years and I think it is a very healthy relationship…I take care of it (or nag my significant other) and it keeps me and my family safe, warm and cozy, it is our personal refuge.

I have had other healthy relationships with real estate.  There was the fixer upper in New London (a lot of work but led us..), to a duplex in Norwich with a cute as a button lawn and cul-de-sac street and tenants who helped with the mortgage and ultimately paid for itself when I found “home”.

I have had dysfunctional housing as well…they usually involved room mates, rentals and youth ( I suspect some of you might know what I mean).

Every agent will tell you, our favorite part of the job is seeing houses.  I rarely fall in love, but I do have crushes.  I was in Essex today and just loved the historic colonials along the Connecticut River on postage stamp lots.  I have mentioned before my awe of the land in the Quiet Corner…there is something very appealing about an antique home on 10 acres of land.  Just last spring, I enjoyed  simultaneous crushes on a 3000 square foot colonial in Pomfret and an 1800 square foot contemporary in Zadora Heights, Danielson…my heart got broken when some lucky buyers snapped them up.  I can only hope these homes went to good owners.

My point, real estate is not just an investment…HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS!  It is where families, every kind of family, are established,  nurtured and hopefully thrive.  Homeownership is the American Dream because it means we own our own little part of the globe…owning property is most times an emotional attachment.  Over time the investment part the of dream will hold up.

So tell me about the great real estate loves of your life.  Was it that money pit you bought and restored with your own hands?  Did you custom build your dream home?  Have you gardened your home to glorious?

This post was inspired by the Jones family, who reminded me how much we love our homes and how they are a part of our history.

I am new to Windham County, well kind of!

My real estate career started in Gales Ferry, crossed a bridge to Uncasville moved North a few exits to Norwich, a few more exits North to Lisbon..and then 23 miles up to Dayville.  I guess I was secretly expecting a stop in Plainfield which would have been a continuation of my ten mile trek north, but I guess I was ready for a big move so the Quiet Corner is where I landed…deep in the heart of Windham County.


Yes, I am.  I was always vaguely familiar…dabbled in Canterbury and Plainfield, serviced a listing in Brooklyn…always managed to get lost.  (really appreciating my navigation system these days!)  Lots of wide open spaces in this Northeast Corner of Connecticut!  Gorgeous land and the folks out here LOVE their land, it is very “Gone With The Wind” esque.

Been in the Dayville Prudential Connecticut office for nearly a year now and enjoy the 10 town area.  My single complaint, no quick jaunts to shopping.  No sneaking out at lunch time for the mental health necessary shoes!


No worries though, in a few short months within walking distance of our office there will be SHOPPING!  I hear tale of a Famous Footwear (buy one, get one half off; a shoe gals dream store), Target, Staples, Panera Bread (yum!), Lowes…a full blown shopping mecca is on its way!


Are you ready Windham County?  Many stop lights have been added, roads widened and steel frames are visible, the franchise shopping experience is on its way.  Now, I am thrilled as Wal-Mart is exactly 7 minutes from my home, but I am wondering if you who hail from this area are equally excited?


WHY is this area called the Quiet Corner and who dubbed it as such?

My first blog…how exciting!  (I am thinking this first one may be only “exciting” to me)

As the topic on my mind is Real Estate (always!); I thought this first blog might just talk about some of the yadayadayada that has been written about, thrown around and even presented as news.  And then the pundits proceed to ask the question, Why is the consumer not consuming? (just saw this reported on World News channel 8 by their economy reporter)

Why indeed?  I have wondered myself and discussed (blah, blah, blah)…I understand why sellers of real estate are weary but buyers…What’s up?  Gas prices?  Heating Oil?  Electricity? Groceries?

Yes to all!  I suppose what I want to know, is it the higher cost of living for the necessities of life (gotta stay warm, have to get to work) or is it what we read and see on the news about a stumbling economy that has eroded our consumer confidence?

I am asking because I spent the same amount on the holiday season; probably more, as there was a deep need for an XBox 360 and PSP at my place.  (not over the moon with my purchases, for the record, different debate here!)  Those in the know say that consumers spent less this holiday season, did you?

Help me out, are we buying out of a recession or have we been sold it?

 Open for discussion… Set me straight!

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